Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ set an example for His church in the areas of Evangelism of reaching the lost, Edification of encouraging His "called out" people and Benevolence which allows us to help and serve all people, especially those of the "household of faith". 

Since God is to be worshipped and not man, we only do those things that He has called us to do in "spirit and truth". The Holy Spirit guided the apostles into ALL truth and they wrote what God would have us to do. When you visit the services of the church of Christ you will find us ONLY doing what the first century church did in worship. 

Worship & Services 

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Care & Support Ministries 


Counseling Ministry 

Financial Freedom 

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Premarital Counseling 

Campus Ministry (Romans 16:16)


Campus Care Ministry 

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Marriage Ministry


Keeping the Marriage Alive Workshop


Over many years there has been an attack on the sanctity of marriage. There are those that promote it as not being relevant, by ignoring their vows. Their are also those that attempt to redefined it. God still says it is between one man and one woman. This would include adultery that has become the "hush hush" that is beginning to fill the ranks of the church. Adultery is still sin no matter how one tries to redefined it. 

National & Global Community 


Church Plantings (starting new congregations)

Church Restorations (encouraging current congregations) 

Foreign Missions

HIV & AIDS Initiative  

Kingston Jamaica 

Sexual Identity (LGBTQ) Initiative Ministry 

Senior Saints Ministry ages 65+


Senior Care Ministry 

We are so blessed to have those that have gone before us and labored in various ways so that we can enjoy the lives that we richly have. It is our Christian duty to look after them once they reach an age where they can not do for themselves. 

Singles Ministry 

Single Sojourners 


Hey Single Saint you are in an amazing position to be used by God. You have God all to yourself and this frees you at this season of your life to be fully used by the God of heaven without distractions. Join with other singles if you like and let's get to work. 

Single Parents 911


Are you a single parent and feel like you are all alone and have little to no help? This ministry is for you. Life is not over just because you are not married and have children. Many amazing single parents have raised kings and queens that have turned the world upside down. 

Support Groups 


This is a group for Christian singles that are looking to engage in fellowship, faith and friendship with other Christ like minded single Christians. It's ok to reach out and build friendships with your brothers and sisters in Christ. Start here. 

Young  Professionals 


This is a place for Christians to gather and share their God given talents and gifts. What is your profession? How can it build up and benefit the body of Christ? This is a safe place to discuss how Christians can work to change the world. Start here. 

Youth Ministry 


Today our children are being indoctrinated to believe many anti-God views and beliefs from questioning who and what they are in the mirror to the existence of God. This indoctrination is being done through the text books they read in school, what they are expose to online to what is being presented in on the "Big Screen" in Hollywood. 

HSM  (High School Ministry) 

JHM  (Junior High Ministry) 

Kids  (Lads to Leaders) 


Leadership Training Ministry School 

Local Community Services 


Active Duty Families 

Assisted Living Church Service Ministry 

Career Coaching Ministry 

Community Outreach Ministry 

Correspondence Bible Study (Home Bible School) 

Covid Response Ministry 

Domestic Abuse Ministry 

Food Pantry Distribution Center 

GRIP (Gang Reduction Intervention Partnership) 

Grocery Distributions

Homeless Ministry 

Immigration Information 

Jail/ Prison Ministry 

Legal Aid 

Local Anti-Human Trafficking Ministry 

Military Outreach 

Substance Abuse Ministry 

Veterans Ministry 

Marriage Ministry  

Keeping the Marriage Alive Workshop

National & Global Community 

Church Plantings (starting new congregations)

Church Restorations (encouraging current congregations) 

Foreign Missions

HIV & AIDS Initiative  

Kingston Jamaica 

Sexual Identity reaching those in the (LGBTQ) community

(We are sharing Christ with all of these communities