Happy Mothers Day to all of our wonderful Mothers!!

Mother and Son

The Bible has many references to women who show in part the nature of motherhood:

            A.        There is the picture of Jochobed: who cared so much for her son Moses, that she broke the law to keep him safe and teach him the faith of God - (Exodus 2:1-3, 9)

            B.        There is the picture of the mother who appeared before King Solomon, who loved her child so much, that she was willing to give him up forever, rather than see any harm come to him - (I Kings 3:16-27)

            C.        There was the mother of James and John, who loved her boys so much, that she wanted them, not herself, to sit at Lord's side, one on the right and one on the left, in the Kingdom - (Matthew 20:21)

            D.        The pictures that the Bible paints of mothers are not always perfect, but it is a practical picture because we learn valuable lessons from their example.

Mother with her Child
Mother with her Child

Happy Mother with her Child
Happy Mother with her Child

Mother's Day Card
Mother's Day Card

Mother with her Child
Mother with her Child

We Love You!!!

We Love      You       MOM

Mother and Two Kids

We Celebrate

Our Mothers!!

The Power of Her Influence

            A.        There is little that compares with the influence of a mother.

                        1.         The influences of politics, education, and peers, all are lacking when compared to the influence of a mother.

                        2.         Of all the roles assigned on earth few are as important as the role of a mother.

                                    a.         “The hand that rock’s the cradle rules the world”

                        3.         Wise men have always realized the big part women played in their lives. It’s sad that some men do not respect good and godly women as they should.

To think poorly of womanhood, is to think poorly of mankind in general, because it is through woman that humanity has been built - I Corinthians 11:11-12

            B.        Titus 2:3-5 - Paul is not telling:

                        1.         That a successful woman is one who is a business owner or executive,

                        2.         He is not telling women that they need to become a socialite

                        3.         Or how to be a good employee at work,

                        4.         Or how to be loved and adored by everyone in the world.

                        5.         But he is telling us what makes for a godly wife and mother so that “Word of God blasphemed, or reproached.”

            C.        The woman’s power is her influence in the home. It is the woman’s power to shape lives - I Timothy 2:16

            D.        I Peter 3:1-4 - Peter tells women

Mothers are a blessing from God!! I devote this page to my mother- the late Ernestine H. Weeks. I am what I am because of the love, patience and dedication that my mother poured into me. My mother was  an educator as she attended Benedict College in Columbia SC. My mother was a nurse as she help many people who were unable to help themselves for nearly 30 years. My mother was a historian as she made sure that her family and friends knew the truth regarding history in it's proper context. She was a wife as she made sure that her husband and children had a loving, clean and nurturing home to come home to. Most importantly she was a Christian. My mother loved God ,loved studying, sharing the gospel of Christ and loved the church of Christ. Now that she has "gone the way of all the earth", she has left a powerful legacy for others to remember and benefit from. We will never forget you  mon. We love you!!