John Foster is a native of Martinsville Virginia. He was converted to Christ as a student on the campus of Florida A & M University. John is also a graduate of the East Tennessee School of Preaching in Knoxville Tennessee. Anthony Weeks and Dan Williams shared the gospel with John. John Foster is married to sister Joy Lazarus Foster. Joy is a graduate of Morris College and South Carolina State University. 

John and Joy are in High Point, NC as they work with other amazing Christians to share Christ. You are invited to worship and work with the High Point church of Christ. This congregation can be found on Zoom starting at 9:00 am every Sunday Morning. This new work is already being met with much excitement. 

High Point church of Christ Sunday Worship

When Weekly from 9am to 10:30am on Sunday (EST) 



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  Anthony Weeks is a native of Columbia, South Carolina. He was converted to Christ as a student on the campus of Florida A & M University. After becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ he joined other faithful Christians in winning souls for Christ. 

After ministering in Tallahassee, Florida for 10 years he went on to attend the Florida School of Preaching (FSOP) in Lakeland, Florida. During his time in central Florida he established the Eastside Church of Christ. He graduated from the FSOP in December of 1994. He went back home to work with the Park Street Church of Christ. In 1996 he established the North Fort Church of Christ.  

Brother Weeks has served as a Campus Minister, Missionary (Kingston Jamaica), Assistant Minister, Full Time Minister, and Prison Minister. Of the thousands of people he has led to Christ, seeing his mother obey the gospel in 1995 brings him the most joy. 

Currently he reside in Atlanta Georgia, where he continues to reach college students, reach out to the homeless, correspond with the incarcerated, distributes Bible material publicly, and evangelize over the internet and train other men to preach the gospel. 

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                                 CAMPUS MINISTER


  Emmanuel Johnson is a native of Snellville Georgia (in Gwinnett County) and serves in the campus ministry. Emmanuel is also currently training to become an evangelist. He was led to Christ by Evangelist Anthony Weeks in 2019. Emmanuel Johnson is in his 4th year as a student at Georgia State University and is majoring in Kinesiology. 


Brother Johnson has been very instrumental in leading many of his friends and associates to Christ. We appreciate him for his zeal, growth as a disciples of Jesus Christ, his eagerness to reach lost souls and his love for God! 

In January of 2021 Emmanuel along with his mentor Anthony Weeks began taking the lead in hosting a nationwide virtual college bible study that aims to reach college students from all over the country. At the heart of this effort stems from the fact that so many college (age) students have been the target of philosophy that have turned too many students away from self respect, morality and God. This is a call to encourage young people that God still desire that they " Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth, while the evil days come not, nor the years draw nigh, when thou shalt say, I have no pleasure in them" Ecclesiates 12:1

Our goal is to encourage over 5000 new people to study the Bible.
Bible Studies are taking place. To God be the glory!! Let's get back to the Word of God. 
WHY? Romans 10:14-17...are you interested in hearing the WORD OF GOD? If so, we love studying the Word. Join us at anytime! 




The ZOOM CHURCH OF CHRIST was formed out of the need to reach the millions of people that have been displaced since the start of Covid-19. Currently this church is a congregations of New Testament Christians that are meeting online from all over the world. 

The ultimate goal of this church as presented on this website is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ (EVANGELISM), to encouraged God's people to remain faithful (EDIFICATION) and to assist those who are in need to the best of the ability that God gives us (BENELVOLENCE). 


We work with other congregations around the country and a broad to assist with ministry but we also look to plant churches in areas where the church is needed most. This will happed through the training of preachers, through aggressive evangelism and using collected funds for the up keep on ministry. ZOOM church has active full time gospel preachers with over 35 years of experience in ministry, faithful members and a 501(c)3 with the Internal Revenue Service. Your contribution are tax deductible.

Visit our help center and leave your information and we will get back to you. 

We welcome you to join us on ZOOM